Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More disney layouts!

Here are some more of the pages from our Disney trip. This first one is from when we first drove on to the Disney property.

A few weeks before our vacation, I had the chance to set up a phone call between Owen and Mickey. He received it the first day of we went to the park and it was a nice way to start things out.

Here are Doug and Owen riding the speedway cars. Owen got to drive and absolutely loved it.

Doug was picked as an extra for the Indiana Jones show. He had a lot of fun and Owen really got a kick out of seeing his dad on stage.

Here's the shrubbery outside of the tea cup ride. Very cute!

This is from Mickey's garden behind his house. This was the first place we stopped at the park and Owen was very excited to see where Mickey lived.

I know I'm probably silly to do a page like this, but anyone whose been to WDW knows that you spend a lot of time on these types of transportation getting around the parks.

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